Q. I see that you use nut extracts in the Chocolate Chunk and Chocoholic Chunk cookie dough flavors. What type of extract do you use?
A. We use a trace amount of pure almond extract in these two flavors. Because the amount is so small, it is not listed as an actual 'ingredient.'

Q. Are the peanuts you use to make peanut butter with tested for alflatoxin?
A. Yes. and they are well below the permitted limit of 20ppb.

Q. Do you use organic ingredients?
A. Yes. We use select organic ingredients, including organic evaporated cane juice, light brown sugar, applesauce, and vegan chocolate. YUM!

Q. Is EatPastry certified organic?
A. We aren't certified organic yet, but we use organic ingredients listed on each ingredient list. it is very important for us to use as many organic ingredients as possible, and only use ingredients we would purchase for our own home!

Q. Are the sugars you use vegan?
A. Yes, our supplier guarantees that the sugar we use is not filtered through bone char. It is 100% vegan.

Q. Do your products contain soy?
A. There is soy lecithin in the chocolate chips we use. The Gluten Free Snickerdoodle and Gluten Free Sugar Momma are entirely soy free.

Q: Are your products GMO free?
A. Yes, we are Non-GMO Verified by The Non-GMO Project (www.nongmoproject.org/). We say no to GMOs!

Q. Do you have special procedures you follow to reduce cross-contamination from your other products containing gluten?
A. Yes, we have strict procedures in place that guard against cross-contamination and we test our batches for gluten. We are also a Gluten-Free Certified facility.

Q. How long does the cookie dough last in the refrigerator? Can I freeze it?
A. An expiration date is located on the bottom of each container and will taste best if eaten before that date. Freezing it prolongs the shelf life to over a year. It's yummy eaten right from the freezer too!

Q. Is your cookie dough available on the east coast?
A. Yes, we are on the East Coast! Check our Where to Buy for up-to-date info on where to find us!

Q. Are you vegan?
A. Yes, we are 100% vegan-licious! And our facility is too.

Q. What pastry school did you attend?
A. The French Culinary Institute in New York City.

Q: Where do I find your cookie dough in the store?
A: You can find our cookie dough in the refrigerated section of most natural retailers. Some stores will put us in their freezer if they are tight on refrigerated space since our dough freezes so well, but most likely you'll find us chilling out in the fridge ;-)

Is your facility Gluten Free Certified?
Yes, we are certified Gluten Free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization GFCO (http://www.gfco.org/).

What about cross-contamination with dairy and/or eggs?
There is no risk of cross-contamination for our products, as we are a dedicated vegan facility! Hooray!

What is the oil blend you use?
We use Soy free Earth Balance.

I see you use Palm Fruit Oil. Isn't that bad?
It's only 'bad' if it is sourced unethically, and we are entirely against that. Earth Balance (our supplier) has taken a huge stand against unethically and unsustainably sourced palm oil. Check it out, they're pretty awesome!

Where can I learn more about the palm fruit oil you use?
You can read all about it and how it is sourced on Earth Balance's website. Here is the link: Read more here on their website: http://www.earthbalancenatural.com/responsibility/palm-oil/

Do you have high altitude baking instructions?
Yes, our cookies (especially the gluten free varieties) tend to bake very flat at high altitudes. To prevent this you can add more flour to the dough (about a 1/2 cup). You can also try baking at a higher temp (385 F) for less time (6 minutes).

Are your products Non-GMO?
Yes! All of our products are verified Non-GMO by The Non-GMO Project. We don't eat GMOs and we don't want you to either! To learn more about GMOs check out their website: http://www.nongmoproject.org/

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