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Cookie Dough Cream Ball

September 23, 2015

Why is this so good? It should be illegal.

Ingredients (for one large ball):

3/4 chocolate chip cookie dough
1/4 cup vegan cream cheese
*broken up pieces of peanut butter cups optional
1 cup mini chocolate chips

1. Mix the cookie dough and cream cheese in a bowl until totally combined.
2. Then mix in the broken peanut butter cup pieces.
3. Refrigerate for about 30-40 minutes. Remove, and roll into a ball, then refrigerate again for 30 minutes. Don't worry about making the ball look perfectly rounded, you'll get another chance later.
4. Lay your chocolate chips onto a plate. Take the cookie dough ball out of the fridge and roll it on the chocolate chips until evenly covered on all sides. You may need to mold it into a ball again with your hands.
5. Refrigerate again until ready to eat! I like using pretzels to dip into it with, mmm....

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