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Cookie Dough "Snickers Bars"

March 23, 2019


1 tub cookie dough 

1 cup chocolate for melting (chips, bars, whatever)

1 Tbsp Earth Balance 

1/2 cup Nature’s Charm caramel or butterscotch sauce

1 cup peanuts 

(you also need parchment paper and a freezer, and a spoon, and some pots...)


Melt chocolate and earth balance in a double boiler on med-low until combined, stirring frequently. (A double boiler is a fancy way of saying, 2 pots. One bigger with some shallow water in it, and the other smaller which you'll use to melt the chocolate and earth balance in. Using the water as a barrier between the chocolate and the stove top prevents it from burning and allows it to melt evenly).

Keep warm, but with you, while you assemble your bars. 

On a sheet of parchment paper, lay down some chocolate in vertical lines (as if it were a thin chocolate bar). Do this for as many bars as you wish to make. I’d start with 4. 

After you lay down the chocolate on the parchment paper, add a layer of cookie dough. Thickness is up to you! 1/2 inch? That sounds good. 

Then spoon some caramel sauce on top of the cookie dough. 

Then add a layer of peanuts. 

Then take the rest of your melted chocolate and spoon it on all the bars, covering all sides. It’ll look so cool because the nuts are bumpy on top.

Now freeze the bars for about an hour (don’t try and move them before you freeze them!). Once they’re set in the freezer, you can pop them off and eat them right away. The chocolate stays soft and omg, these are a mega treat. Enjoy!

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