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Cookie Monster Munchies aka Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sammies

July 24, 2017

Blue Ice Cream and Cookie Dough? In a sandwich? Doesn't get much more Cookie Monster than that!
Did I mention this recipe can easily be doubled? 

1 pint of ice cream (your choice of flavor but the color has to be white or neutral) - I like the cashew milk ice cream
1 tub of EatPastry Chocolate Chip cookie dough
another tub of EatPastry Chocohlic cookie dough  (for baking)
blue food coloring (there are vegan friendly food colors out there) 


1. Bake some of our chocolate chip and chocoholic cookies. You shouldn't need more than a six total, but if you want to add more go for it. I like a lot of cookie chunks so I added a couple more cookies to the mix. Once cooled break into chunks and set aside or store in a ziploc baggie.
2. Mix blue food coloring with your fav flavor ice cream (I used pistachio) to reach desired "blueness."
3. Add chunks of the cookies you baked, cover and freeze.
4. Roll out 2 rectangular pieces chocolate chip cookie dough on parchment paper to 1/4 inch thick and freeze. You can make these pieces as big or little as you want; depends how many sammies you're lookin to make.
5. After 2 hours have passed, remove the dough and ice cream from freezer. Lather a thick layer of ice cream on the dough, and top with other piece. Refreeze overnight or at least 6 hours.
6. Remove and cut into sandwiches. Eat!! COOOOOOKIEEEEE 🍪

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