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Dessert "Sushi" Rolls

September 16, 2015

So anyways, everyone needs to make these for their friends and family. Little bites from heaven.


Cookie DOUGH (chocolate chip or whatever flavor you like)
Your favorite dairy free ice cream
chocolate chips
almond butter

(how much you need of each of these things depends on how many pieces you want to make, and how much filling you like, just eyeball it on the measurements. If you want only 8 pieces, just roll out 1/2 tub of cookie dough).


On a heavily floured surface, roll out the cookie dough to be a 1/4 inch thick rectangle.
Smooth semi-defrosted ice cream on top and then add globs of almond butter (or any kind of nut butter) along with chocolate chunks and pieces.
Roll the cookie dough onto itself twice. Cutting off any excess and repeating so you have a few cookie dough long rolls.
Freeze for about an hour or more.
Remove from freezer, slice and serve!

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