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Dome Cake

August 28, 2015

This cake made is made in a bowl and is so easy and fun to make. Kids can enjoy filling it with all their favorite treats! ...and obviously adults enjoy it too, who am I kidding. 

1 pint ice cream (any flavor you fancy)
cookie dough, cookies, chocolate, nuts, graham crackers, pretzels...anything you might want to fill your dome with. Get creative!


Grab a cereal bowl - or a mixing bowl if you want a larger cake, but you'll probably need more ice cream if you want to make it larger.
Using a tablespoon and your hands, coat the sides of the bowl til there is a nice even layer of ice cream. Freeze for a few minutes while you get the insides of your dome cake ready.
Take a medium sized bowl and combine all your ingredients.
I used cookie dough, cookies, chocolate sauce, and chocolate pieces.
Then remove the ice cream lined bowl from the freezer and fill/stuff with your tasty mixture.
Layer one more smooth layer of ice cream on the top to seal the cake.
Freeze for at least an hour.
Remove from the freezer and massage the sides of the bowl using a warm cloth. With a butter knife, loosen the edges. Re-warm your cloth (with hot water) and repeat these steps until you're able to remove your dome/bowl cake onto a plate.
Freeze again until ready to slice and serve!

- here are some photos of a slice of the "igloo"

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