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Vegan "Nutella" Filled Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

March 14, 2019

Look all you need for this is a big appetite and maybe a little patience while it bakes.


2 tubs of cookie dough (I used 1 tub gluten free chocolate chip and 1 tub peanut butter chocolate chip, you can use whatever you want)

1 cup Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter, which is basically vegan Nutella 


Preheat oven to 350F. 

Flour a surface and roll out one tub of cookie dough (not too thin!) so it’ll fit semi-nicely to the widest width of your pie dish. 

Put contents of the OTHER ub of cookie dough on the bottom of a pie dish. You can squish this in with a spoon or your hands. 

Fill/top that with the hazelnut butter. 

Then top THAT with the other tub of cookie dough that you rolled out initially. You can use your hands to make sure it’s nice and evenly covering all the hazelnut butter. 

Bake for EVER (just kidding, but it seems that way). It could take up to an hour, but check it at 40 minutes. You’ll know when it’s done because it won’t look gooey in the center. 

Let fully cool, for maybe 25 min (?) then slice and enjoy! 

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